Tick-Tock shouldn’t scare you.

Tick-Tock….is such a big word and I know most of you think I am talking about tiktok which is a social network but no, I mean the sound big clocks make.

It’s obvious that every drop of sand in this hourglass, a second passes and yes it’s shocking that we can loose so much time just doing nothing productive.

Well, time should never restrict us from doing what we love right…! Anyway so let me tell you what happened to me for these past 2 weeks:

I am a talented writer but also I love reading books, but for these past 2 weeks I have been really busy with exams and other life activities that I didn’t have even a second for my passions and just this morning I realised it and it really hurt me but I said to myself that this would never happen again and here I am writing my blog.

So my point is, I acknowledge that we all have other activities in life that we have to run.But If you want to defeat time, you should never be afraid of risking part of that time to do what your heart loves and want to do. That way even time will support you.

NOTE that,Our life is running off and wasted similar to how the sand run soff the hourglass…

So let your passion be your energy and don’t let time restrict you…

For the first time be the spotlight by understanding your path in life.

Think about this road up there. When you look at it, will you know where it’s leading to?
You actually don’t.. But I believe it’s a way that’s leads to a wonderful place.
The stereotype of this road is the same as changing your path in life.

Changing paths in life could be a very difficult thing anyone could ever face.
Trust me it has a lot of challenges coming with it but if you are in that kind of situation ,be patient,relax and take your time to make decision .

This brings me to an experience I faced a couple of years back, when I had just completed my ordinary level education. In my memory I remember I got good grades and I was required to continue with my advanced level education but I didn’t want that path anymore, I wanted to go directly to college as I thought it was the right path for me to take. You want to know what happened, people judged me and they didn’t believe that I was ready for college, some even said I was too young for college. To be honest I was hurt and scared.I asked myself,what if this is a mistake. But I encouraged myself and got that confidence to go straight to college and never looked back on my decision,no matter what risks will happen and guess what I’m on my way to complete my first year at college.

What I’m actually trying to let you know from my story is that people will have different implications about why you want to change your path in life. There will be a lot of “why’s” like why do you choose to change just now?, why didn’t you make that decision earlier?, don’t you think it’s a mistake? But there’s actually a saying that goes,”Don’t mind people’s words because they’ll be your downfall.” Actually it hurts to see people judge you. It normally lowers down the confidence you have and makes you scared of your decisions or what you want to do. And once you’re scared, you will have a lot of questions to yourself. You’d be asking yourself why am I even changing my path, what if i fail, what if it’s a mistake and if you don’t guide your thoughts you will never change your path.

I’d just like to say to you that; If you are not in love with your life then go ahead and change it, it’s never too late.

Remember; Focus ahead, don’t look back and believe that you will do it. Most of all pray about it.



Hello everyone. My name is Phillipa Bridget and yes I am 19 and I am really proud to have being able to start something where anyone and I mean absolutely anyone can bring up any topic that interests them. Personally I’ll be talking about a lot of interesting stuff in this blog.

As it’s my biggest pleasure to start this blog just so everyone around the world can share what they think about, what they go through and how we can actually learn through that in our daily processes in life. #beyourmotive

Be my guest and enjoy the ride, thank you.


Habari, naitwa Phillipa Bridget na nina miaka 19 na ninayo furaha kubwa kuanzisha kitu ambacho mtu yoyote yule naeza kuchangia kuhusu mada yoyote na mimi pia nitakua nikiongelea kuhusu mada mbalimbali zinazofurahisha.

Ni furaha yangu kuanzisha kurasa hii ili tu kila mtu duniani kote waweze kuchangia wanachofikiri na tuweze kujua tunaweza vipi kujifunza kupitia hayo mawazo katika maisha yetu ya kila siku. #kuamsukumowako

Natumai utafurahi, nashukuru.

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